Imitation is….?


It is said that to copy a person is the highest form of flattery. Most babies will copy their parent’s facial expressions. Fun fact, babies will only copy facial movements of individuals they deem credible, usually their parents. Sometimes babies’ naturally mirror their parents without thought. In the picture above that is what my son is doing. My wife did not prompt him to imitate the cross legs technique. He crossed his legs naturally. She took the picture because it is a unique moment worthy of documentation.

In Corinthians, the inspired apostle Paul states, “Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1, NASB).” Paul is saying copy him as an example because he is imitating Christ who should be mirrored. In the context of first Corinthians Paul’s letter was designed to correct worldly behavior that was destroying the church in Corinth. Paul wanted the Corinthians to understand that Christ should be the standard of every decision made personally and in matters of the church.

Unfortunately, naturally mirroring Christ is not possible without work. Imitating Christ takes free will, effort, study, and diligence.  I wonder how different our world would be if everyone compared leaders to Christ rather than blindly following their word. My job as a parent is to be a credible witness of Christ to my family. My son needs to know I am attempting to imitate Christ. My dream is that he is a better imitator of Christ than I and that Christ is always worthy of copying. We need to follow the babies lead and only mirror those who are credible in Christ.

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